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​​Kantha quilts are made up of 3 or more layers of sari held together by a simple running stitch. Women in West Bengal and Bangladesh would sit together and teach the young of their villages this simple stitch. Their hard work and efforts were then used as swaddling for newborn babies, blankets for the home, bedspreads and even wrapping for farmers who would wear them whilst tending to their land and flocks. 

These moments the women stole together were a critical time of education for the young girls who would in turn teach their own daughters and granddaughters the same stitch learned when they were young. One can almost smell the fire, hear the laughter and you cannot help but be aware of the camaraderie and love shared whilst the quilts were made. Stories shared and lessons learned. Recycling and reusing was vital then too. Everything had a value and nothing was wasted. 

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Our kantha quilts come in a wide range of colours and patterns - each one is unique. All our quilts are machine washable at 30 degrees.

They are freshly laundered in the UK and are ready for use.

​We ship worldwide and offer free UK delivery.

Kantha Quilts